Holiday Sober Living

Sober Living Tip 1

Finding Personal Peace During the Holidays

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Maintaining Holiday Party SobrietyAs any recovering alcoholic or addict will affirm:  staying sober during the holidays is challenging!

The holiday season actually starts just before Halloween when retail stores put their holiday decorations in place. Well before Thanksgiving, malls are decorated with visions of Christmas.

By the time December arrives – whether we realize it or not – we are primed for the ‘perfect holiday’ illusion for another year.

In this shared holiday cultural delusion:

  • Incredibly dysfunctional families are peacefully reconciled with all family members.
  • All long-standing problems with family and friends are resolved.
  • All family members are happy, cooperative and non-argumentative.
  • Alcohol and/or drugs can be consumed with good cheer and no ill effects.

It’s magical – it the holidays! WRONG.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Maintaining Holiday SobrietyFor those in recovery seeking to maintain sobriety – drinking any amount of alcohol (or consuming a favorite drug) will lead to a painful seasonal relapse.

Regardless of all the ‘holiday cheer’ at office Christmas parties or other holiday gatherings – there are severe and painful consequences for relapse.

But, holiday relapse does not have to happen.

Sober Holidays Tip #1

First thing every morning – take time to reflect on how good it feels to be sober.

Mindfulness is the basis of maintaining sobriety – especially during major holidays. Without a strong and carefully maintained Intent to Stay Sober and Resolve to Stay Sober, it is all too easy to slip into old habits.

To maintain sobriety during challenging situations – it is very important to REMEMBER why you chose sobriety.

Sobriety Points to Consider Carefully Every Day

  • Was I happy as an alcoholic (or addict)?
  • What led me to realize that my alcoholism or addiction were not doing anything positive for me?
  • When I had that realization – where was my life? (Probably not in a good place).

How is my life better, now that I am sober?

  • No hangovers!
  • I feel good (or good enough) every day.
  • I have discovered that I am strong enough to function without alcohol or drugs.
  • I do not need a crutch to get through everyday life – I can handle it.
  • I may not be totally positive 100% of the time – but my life now has endless possibilities.
  • By staying sober – I can spot possibilities that I would never have seen before.
  • By staying sober – I am making positive changes in my life.
  • I cannot change the past – but I have total control over today.

Holiday Sobriety is Possible!

Check back tomorrow in here our blog for Tip 2, which will be featured in our post 10 Days of Holiday Sobriety Tips – Day 2.

We Wish You Sober and Happy Holidays!

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