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Our expert team of board-certified physicians, psychologists and addiction medicine clinicians with decades of successful outcomes administer our Professional Comprehensive Evaluations and Assessments for our clients. Our Comprehensive Professional Evaluation Assessment (CPEA) can be distributed to licensing or governing bodies, as needed.

A credentialed team leader guides the evaluation process from start to finish, coordinating discussion among team members and assembling a detailed report. Our report can be used in a deposition or court of law, if necessary.

Our addiction rehab prides itself on offering high quality care in an intimate setting with high staff ratios of 1.5:1 so that each client receives the necessary individualized treatment required from our highly credentialed and experienced staff.

Robyn Chance, MSW

Robyn Chance, MSW

Admissions Director/President/CEO

Robyn is the voice on the other line when you call for help. For the past nine years she has been working in addiction recovery, with a focus on men’s issues, chronic addiction and trauma. As a therapist, Robyn is very clear on her purpose and mission – to help people find their freedom. She will tell you the only point is to help people find the right solutions to escape the suffering of addiction and she does this with relentless determination. In partnership, Robyn and Ken have developed a multifaceted program and put together an expert team that provides solutions for the men they serve. To them, it is a serious privilege to be a part of a person’s journey to recovery and ultimately freedom. Robyn has a Bachelor of Science in Health & Human Services from Northern Arizona University and is currently completing her Masters in Social Work, at Arizona State University. Robyn originates from New Zealand and has three adult children.

Kenneth Byrd Chance

Kenneth Byrd Chance, D.Div.


Dr. Kenneth Chance, D.Div. is the founder and CEO/President of Arrowhead Lodge Recovery. He is the author of “Confessions of a Closed Male; A Story of Spiritual Awakening” and the visionary for the Arrowhead Lodge Model of recovery. Ken practices a no-nonsense approach to recovery based upon the twelve spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous that have helped millions recover from alcoholism.

Dr. Martin Keller, Ed.D.

Dr. Martin Keller, Ed.D.

Consulting Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Keller is available when requested to consult with clinical team on issues of co-occurring and other mental health concerns. He offers in-service training and case consultation as needed. Dr. Keller is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. He completed his undergraduate work at Temple University, his Masters from Columbia University, and his Doctorate from Rutgers University.


Virginia (Ginnie) Lacek, LISAC

Substance Abuse Counselor

Virginia (Ginnie) Lacek, LISAC, has been a licensed independent substance abuse counselor since 1991. She began her career working with opiate dependency in 1988. She specializes in working with people with co-occurring disorders. She has worked as a Clinical Director since 2000, overseeing outpatient programs throughout the State of Arizona. When she is not working her passion is enjoying the outdoors, camping, hiking, dirt bike riding and kayaking.


Dr. Nancy A. Blum, DO, MA

Dr. Nancy A. Blum, DO, MA

Family Practitioner

Dr. Blum is a board certified family practitioner in private practice. Dr. Blum attended UNTHSC in Ft Worth before completing her residency at UTSW-Parkland in Dallas, Texas. In 2016 Dr. Blum finished a Masters in Bioethics from Medical College of Wisconsin. She is well respected in the community and truly compassionate to all her patients. Dr. Blum conducts a full-comprehensive exam of all Arrowhead Lodge Recovery clients upon admission. She received the Patient Choice Award for Compassion by Vitals in 2018.

Angelika Mitchell

Bonnie Ebsen Jackson

Equine Assisted Learning

Bonnie Ebsen Jackson brings her experience in raising, training, competing and writing about horses to her work as an equine-assisted facilitator at T.H.E. Ranch in Skull Valley, a small community south of Arrowhead Lodge. Clients enjoy weekly trips to the truly serene ranch where they receive equine-assisted learning from Bonnie. She feels the most important aspect in helping others in not to blindly follow any one ideology, but discover what works best for a particular person in a given circumstance. Groups get to discover a horses’ true nature and bond with them one-on-one, which results in a truly healing experience.

Amber Aten

Amber Aten

Yoga Instructor

Amber Aten shares her more than 15 years of expertise in Yoga with all our clients with weekly workout programs. Each class is curated in the moment to both meet the needs of every client, as well as push them just enough to find a mind/body connection that makes the practice of yoga so powerful. Amber has more than 2000 hours of teaching experience, working specifically with Yoga for Recovery and she is the lead teacher in the International Yoga Teacher Training programs. She truly believes that by sharing yoga with a focus on mindfulness and compassion, our lives can be inspired by the perfect imperfections in us and around us.


Dr. Doug Balke

Dr. Doug Balke

Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Doug Balke is the Consulting Psychiatrist for clients here at Arrowhead Lodge. He is a board certified Addiction Psychiatrist and approved to prescribe Suboxone and Subtex. He received his undergraduate degree and medical degree from the University of Kansas and completed his medical training at Ohio State University. Dr. Balke’sapproach to patients is holistic and integrative and incorporates biological, psychological and special aspects. He believes in customizing his treatments based on individual needs, which may include detoxification, relapse preventions, underlying psychiatric illness and ingrained dysfunctional behavior patterns.