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Aviation Professionals Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery specializes in treating impaired professionals.
Our philosophy: We treat addiction on all levels – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual.
Our Average Client Age is 45 – 65.

Alcohol and aviation do not mix, whether you are a passenger or a pilot. Even more critical: the effects of alcohol can be intensified at high altitudes.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says: “The majority of adverse effects produced by alcohol relate to the brain, the eyes, and the inner ear — three crucial organs to a pilot.

“Brain effects include impaired reaction time, reasoning, judgment, and memory. Visual symptoms include eye muscle imbalance, which leads to double vision and difficulty focusing. Inner ear effects include dizziness, and decreased hearing perception.”

Recent Pilot Intoxication Incidents

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery - Airline Pilots RehabMarch 2016 – A pilot was arrested and his flight grounded after airport officials determined that he’d had too many early morning drinks before takeoff.

July 2016 – Two pilots were dragged out of the cockpit and arrested moments before taking off yesterday over fears they were drunk. Staff reportedly raised concerns about the pair’s behavior as they prepared to fly an Air Transat passenger jet with 250 people on board from Scotland to Canada.

September 2016 – Two United Airlines pilots were arrested in Glasgow, Scotland, last week on suspicion of intoxication.

October 2016 – A SkyWest Airlines pilot was arrested for operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol in Rapid City, South Dakota, just prior to a flight to Salt Lake City, according to the city’s police department.

The number of serious errors committed by pilots dramatically increases at or above concentrations of 0.04% blood alcohol. This is not to say that problems don’t occur below this value. Some studies have shown decrements in pilot performance with blood alcohol concentrations as low as the 0.025%. From the Federal Aviation Administration, Alcohol and Flying: A Deadly Combination

FAA Regulations- Pilots and Alcohol Use

FAA regulations prohibit pilots from flying within eight hours of consuming alcohol, or if they have a blood alcohol level of 0.04 or above. For most airlines, the rule is even stricter–no alcohol within 12 hours of getting into the cockpit. Pilots in violation can lose not only their jobs, but their FAA certificate, grounding them permanently.

At the same time, there is a built-in reluctance to seek counseling and treatment for those whose livelihoods could be destroyed by the admission that they have a drinking problem, said Marsha Bates, acting director of the Center of Alcohol Studies at Rutgers University.

Bates said alcoholism and abuse are chronic diseases, but remain stigmatized disorders; not just for pilots, but doctors, attorneys, dentists, teachers and others.

Where Pilots Can Get Alcohol Rehab and Addiction Recovery Help

Arrowhead-Lodge-Recovery, Rehab for Men, Prescott, AZBased in the scenic mountains of Prescott AZ, the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Impaired Professionals Well-Being Program specializes in treating mature professional men with addiction issues. The age of our average client is 45-65. We are a gender specific facility; and have chosen to keep our facility small and staff to client ratio large.

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, our experienced and accredited staff allows us to help men for whom previous treatment attempts may have failed. Thorough medical, psycho-social, addiction and trauma assessments inform medical interventions, medication management needs. Our licensed and credentialed team approach to treating addiction and trauma is individual to each client.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery performs Professional Comprehensive Evaluations and Assessments for our clients. Our P-CEA Assessment can be distributed to licensing or governing bodies, as needed.

Mature Man Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

Arrowhead-Lodge-RecoveryMens-Rehab-Group-Therapy-Prescott-AZBy maintaining a high staff-to-client ratio, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is able to focus intensive therapy and attention to each man, and to deliver truly individualized care.

A mature man may not open up in group therapy when he’s sitting in a group of single young adults who have not experienced life on their own. A man needs to feel safe before he will talk about deeply embedded emotions and the trauma that created them.

Arrowhead-Lodge-Recovery-Exterior-ViewsOur licensed professional staff provides addiction treatment for drug addiction, trauma, alcoholism, opioid painkillers addiction and chronic pain, sex and love addictions, mood disorders, anxiety disorder treatment, co-occurring disorders and more.

Using holistic treatment philosophy – we treat the whole man.  At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, some of the methodologies we use are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Training, Meditation, outdoor exercise experiential therapy, and nutritional counseling.

Private Mountain Lodge Retreat – Peaceful, Natural, Spacious

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Mens Rehab, Thumb Butte TrailArrowhead Lodge Recovery private mountain retreat provides quiet, seclusion and spaciousness. This allows our clients to unplug so they can “hear” their quiet, inner voice and discover their authentic Self. That is when the healing starts.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is tucked away in the Rocky Mountain pines of Northern Arizona; in Prescott National Forest. It is a man’s retreat from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

Our clients feel safe here and are able to open up and work on tough emotional issues around addiction and trauma.

There is something to be said about recovering in a natural setting where the deer graze, coyotes howl, and hawks and eagles soar that helps men reconnect with nature and their authenticity.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Prescott AZ - back patioImmersed in  Nature’s Healing Beauty

It’s difficult to describe just how peaceful Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is – you need to be here to experience it firsthand.

Privacy and seclusion equals a safe therapeutic environment.

By maintaining a high staff-to-client ratio, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is able to focus intensive therapy and attention to each man, and to deliver truly individualized care.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Goal

We not only desire to help our residents return sober to their families and careers. We help our patients discover how to thrive in life without the use of mood-altering drugs or alcohol; and to find fulfillment, peace and lasting joy.

Questions? Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Has Answers

Call our admissions counselor now at 1-888-654-2800 for a confidential assessment to see if our addiction recovery program can help you return to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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