Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Welcomes Rebecca Reeder from Rivermend Health

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery - Visit from Rebecca Reeder from Rivermend HealthAt Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, we are always looking to work with other ethical rehab centers to help reach men over 30 who need help with their addictions.

Today at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Rehab for Men, we were happy to host Rebecca Reeder from Rivermend Health. 

RiverMend Health is a premier provider of scientifically driven, specialty behavioral health services.

RiverMend Health provides treatment for those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency, dual disorders, eating disorders, obesity and chronic pain.

The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Difference: Rehab for Men

Rehab for Mature Men | Our Average Client Age is 45 – 65. Our Prescott, AZ rehab for mature men provides high quality care in a small setting with high staff ratios.

We use a multi-disciplinary addiction treatment approach implemented by licensed professionals. The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Staff includes a Physician-Addictionologist, Addiction Psychiatrist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Registered Nurse, several Licensed Therapists, and an addiction Nutritionist.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Rehab for Men, Prescott, AZMindfulness training, healthy exercise, nutritional counseling and educationcognitive behavioral therapy and psychoeducation are a part of our treatment program.

We have chosen to keep our facility small and staff to client ratio large. Each client receives individual therapy and counseling; as well as group therapy and counseling.

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