Certified TriCare Provider, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

TriCare Out of Network Provider

TRICARE Residential and Outpatient Care

We are very excited to announce that Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is now a certified TRICARE provider for residential and outpatient care, out-of-network.

This means that a TRICARE covered member may receive behavioral health services from Arrowhead Lodge Recovery on an out-of-network basis.

“We continue to receive calls from veterans and their families who need addiction and trauma services, but until now, we had to refer them to other facilities. With this certification, the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery addiction and trauma treatment program for men is available to veterans over the age of 30.” says Kenneth Chance, D.Div. CEO and founder. “Personally, my family has a long tradition of military service and I’m glad that Arrowhead Lodge Recovery can now offer support to our brave and dedicated military veterans on TRICARE who are suffering from addiction!”

“This is another testament to the professionalism and quality of this program and we look forward to helping veterans who valiantly served our country who now suffer from addiction and trauma,” says Dr. Rob Ashby, MD, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Medical Director. Dr. Ashby is board certified in addiction medicine as well as pain medicine. See our Staff page for more details.


TRICARE for Uniformed Service Members

TRICARE is the health care program for uniformed service members. This includes active duty and retired members of the:

  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • The Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service
  • The Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. and their families around the world.

TRICARE provides comprehensive coverage to all beneficiaries, including: Health plans, special programs, prescriptions, dental plans.

TRICARE is managed by the Defense Health Agency under leadership of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs).

In partnership with the Department of Defense, United Healthcare provides health care services to over 2.9 million beneficiaries as the TRICARE Managed Care Support Contractor for the TRICARE West Region.

The TRICARE West Region includes: Alaska; Arizona; California; Colorado; Hawaii; Idaho; Iowa (excluding the Rock Island Arsenal area); Kansas; Minnesota; Missouri (excluding the St. Louis area); Montana; Nebraska; Nevada; New Mexico; North Dakota; Oregon; South Dakota; portions of Texas (including El Paso); Utah; Washington; and Wyoming.

For more information regarding the Department of Defense TRICARE Health Care Program, please visit www.TRICARE.mil.

Successful Alcohol and Addiction Treatment:
Recovery *and* Chronic Pain Management

Arrowhead-Lodge-Recovery,Men's Rehab Group Therapy, Prescott AZArrowhead Lodge Recovery is a gender specific rehab for men, baby boomers and older. Our treatment facility is located in the beautiful mountains above Prescott, Arizona. We have chosen to keep our facility small – and staff to client ratio large.

At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, we treat mature men who are addicted to alcohol and opioid-based prescription painkillers. When indicated, we also provide suboxone treatment for opioid dependence. A critical component of our addiction recovery program is treatment for chronic pain.

We treat boomer opioid addiction on two fronts: addiction and chronic pain. A key member of the Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Staff is Dr. Rob Ashby, M.D., Medical Director, Pain Medicine and Addictionologist is our physician. Dr. Ashby is board certified in pain medicine and addiction medicine.

In addition to allopathic medicine, Dr. Ashby has training in alternative medicine from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. He is available to Arrowhead Lodge Recovery clients for physical medicine, pain medicine and addiction medicine.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery – Rehab for Men

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Rehab for Boomer Men, Prescott AZThe Arrowhead Lodge Recovery experienced and accredited staff allows us to help men for whom previous treatment attempts may have failed. Thorough medical, psycho-social, addiction and trauma assessments inform medical interventions, medication management needs. Our licensed and credentialed team approach to treating addiction and trauma is individual to each client.

We provide addiction and depression treatment for men who suffer from alcoholism, opioid prescription painkiller addiction or other substance abuse; as well as treating co-occurring disorders.

Our Professional Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment provides detailed information and treatment solutions for “C” level executives, upper-level managers, airline pilots, law enforcement, licensed professionals, physicians and medical professionals, legal professionals and more. Our addiction rehab for professionals program satisfies licensing requirements and gives licensed professionals a new life filled with inner peace – without using drugs or alcohol.

Licensed Staff Providing Multi-disciplinary Evidence-Informed Addiction Treatment

We use a multi-disciplinary evidence-informed addiction treatment approach implemented by licensed professionals. The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Staff includes a Physician-Addictionologist, Addiction Psychiatrist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Registered Nurse, several Licensed Therapists, and an Addiction Nutritionist.

Mindfulness training, healthy exercise, nutritional counseling and education, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoeducation are a part of our treatment program. We have chosen to keep our facility small and staff to client ratio large. Each client receives individual therapy and counseling; as well as group therapy and counseling.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery: Privacy and Seclusion Equal a Safe Therapeutic Environment

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Rehab for Boomer Men, Prescott, AZPrivacy and seclusion equals a safe therapeutic environment. By maintaining a high staff-to-client ratio, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is able to focus intensive therapy and attention to each man, and to deliver truly individualized care.

Created in response to the personal life experiences of founder Kenneth Chance, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery’s men’s rehab is designed to give adult men a safe, comfortable and secure environment in which to learn, heal and grow.

When men live among others of similar life experience and when they encounter kindred spirits as committed to recovery as they are themselves, they can feel more comfortable, share more openly, and address their deepest issues.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Tour (4)Most men have buried their emotions so deeply that they become out of touch with their true nature, as well as those who are closest to them. They stay “busy” doing things; working, achieving, reading email, surfing the web, watching TV, Netflix and much, much more. What these men need in order to heal from their addiction is a place where there are no distractions like internet, email, cell phones and “busyness” in general.

Our private mountain retreat provides quiet, seclusion and spaciousness; allowing our clients to unplug so they can “hear” their quiet, inner voice and discover their authentic Self. That is when the healing starts.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Mens Rehab, Thumb Butte TrailSurrounded by Rocky Mountain Pines

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is tucked away in the Rocky Mountain pines of Northern Arizona; in Prescott National Forest. It is a man’s retreat from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

Our clients feel safe here and are therefore able to open up and work on tough emotional issues around addiction and trauma.

There is something to be said about recovering in a natural setting where the deer graze, coyotes howl, and hawks and eagles soar that helps men reconnect with nature and their authenticity. It’s difficult to describe just how peaceful Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is – you need to be here to experience it firsthand.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Goal

We not only desire to help our residents return sober to their families and careers. We help our patients discover how to thrive in life without the use of mood-altering drugs or alcohol; and to find fulfillment, peace and lasting joy.

Alcohol and Addiction Recovery Questions?

For confidential addiction rehab and recovery inquiries, please feel welcome to contact Ken Chance at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, 888-654-2800.

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