Introduction to No Resistance


When you want something or when you need to make an important decision, the path of least resistance is generally the right direction or the correct decision. You see, resistance indicates one is pushing against the natural forces of the universe and when that happens, you should stop what you are doing immediately and reconsider what you are doing.


Resistance and the Law of Abundance

The law of abundance is one of the primary laws in our universe. In fact, one might say that ours is an abundant universe; therefore, scarcity is a fabrication. Creation comes from a place of abundance and knows nothing except to create abundantly. When someone is in the creative process and follows the natural flow of our abundant universe, one succeeds in growing in an abundant manner. There is no resistance to the natural order of things because the power of the universe is greater than any power to resist it. When resistance is felt, it is because the idea that lead to the initiation of action is an idea created outside the natural flow of the universe.

Our universe is one of expansion. Since the Big Bang expansion has occurred. Galaxies have formed; stars, planets and other celestial objects have all been created due to the expansion of our universe. So the fundamental creative power of the universe manifests itself by expansion. Expansion and abundance go hand-in-hand when it comes to creation.

The idea of expansion and abundance is foreign to many people. They have not consciously experienced a life of abundance because their overarching belief system is established in fear. Such people are motivated by fear – the fear of losing money, a job, a relationship, material losses, losing one’s health – everything in their life is based upon unconscious and conscious fear. For these individuals, making decisions in life often results in something other than what they had in mind; usually something maleficent.

Resistance is nature’s way of signaling us to stop and back up and reconsider what we are doing. It is a red flag that is there for a reason. When ignored, seemingly bad things happen. When heeded, seemingly good things happen. I say “seemingly” because things are “good” or “bad” by one’s subjective experience.

When resistance is sensed, one should stop their thought, their action, their decision and review other options. The right thing, the right choice does not have resistance. In fact, when it is right, the universe works for us to bring a thing to us. The end result is usually something better, greater, more abundant and we have an expansive experience. We have a better outcome because the expansive and abundant creative power of the universe is harnessed for our good.

So What do I do?

Let’s say you are about to make a change in your career. You no longer want to do what you’ve been doing, you feel burned out and want a change. When you start to consider making a change you get confused or overwhelmed or experience resistance in some other form. It’s time to pull back and reconsider. Perhaps what you need is not a change in career, but a change within.

Burnout is caused by many different things, so perhaps you should find out why you are experiencing burnout and correct that before you make a job or career change. If your thinking or behavior is causing the burnout, then changing to a new job or a new career is not going to change the cause, it only changes the circumstances. Once the cause of burnout is known, you might resume a job or career change, or you may elect to stay in your current position. The same type of reconsideration might be applied to feeling like a relationship has come to an end.


When making a decision or taking a new direction in your life, be aware of resistance. It is the universe’s way of sending up a red flag. When this happens, retreat and reconsider the problem, or decision, and examine other options. The right thing occurs without resistance and the end result is more gratifying and adds value and meaning to your life.



Dr. Kenneth Chance, D.Div., is the CEO and President of Arrowhead Lodge, a men’s addiction rehab  in Prescott, Arizona, a long-term Arizona licensed drug and alcohol rehab program for men age 25 and older. For more information visit our website or call 1-888-654-2800.