Sandia House Recovery Residence Exclusively for Men Over 30

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Rehab for Men, Prescott, AZ

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Opens Sandia House Recovery Living
Sandia House Sober Living Residence Exclusively for Men Over 3o!

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery recently opened a recovery residence, Sandia House. Our sober living residence is exclusively for men over the age of 30.

Sandia House is available to any man age 30+ who has successfully completed an inpatient or residential treatment program. And who wants to step down in the level of care and facilitate a smooth transition to sober life before returning home.

“We have, for some time, realized the need for our clients to ‘step-down’ from residential care to embark on the next stage of their recovery,” said Dr. Kenneth Chance, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery CEO/Founder. “The next logical thought was: ‘If Arrowhead Lodge needs a step-down solution for older men, then don’t other facilities need the same thing?'”

To live in the Sandia House an individual must commit to a program of recovery that includes:

  • IOP or outpatient counseling as recommended by the referring facility.
  • Clinical care – counseling, psychiatric and other services
  • Addiction medicine care
  • Monitoring with SoberLink for alcoholics and random UA’s for addicts,
  • Active 12-Step participation and sponsor work.
  • A requirement that each guest must be working or volunteering in the local Prescott community.

“My wife, Robyn, and I want to provide a safe option for older men who really want recovery, and the typical sober living environment is simply not appropriate for these men,” continues Chance. “Sandia House provides older men with safe, supportive housing for those who are not quite ready to return home – for whatever reason.”

Highlights of Sandia House Recovery Residence:

  • 6 beds, a living room, kitchen, Florida room, family room with pool table and an outdoor area for relaxation.
  • Live-in master’s level and licensed counselor.
  • Requires own method of transportation; either personal vehicle, bicycle or walking. Taxi and Uber are available.

For information about fees or any other questions, please call Robyn Chance at 1-888-654-2800.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Martin Keller, Ed.D. and Dr. Ken Chance, D.Div. will present “Addiction and Trauma Treatment for Older Adults; Clinical and Spiritual Perspectives” at the 2016 TAAP State Conference on Addiction Studies.

When: August 11, 2016
Where: Hyatt Regency Hill Country Spa & Resort, San Antonio, TX

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The next IDAA annual meeting will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana
August 3-7 , 2016.

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