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Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Partners with SoberLink Clinical Monitoring
Helping to Prevent Relapse – One Day at a Time

| Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is excited to announce that we have partnered with SoberLink as an integrated part of our Aftercare program.

Aftercare monitoring has been proven to improve outcomes. In the past, it was only implemented with licensed professional programs (i.e. physicians, pilots) or through mandated monitoring programs.

With SoberLink technology, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery patients can more confidently return to their daily activities; including work, home and family. After leaving our rehab center – patients still have a vital daily connection with recovery support.

Clinical Monitoring Improves Outcomes

Studies show that clinical monitoring improves outcomes. For detailed info, see the Institute for Behavior and Health Report: Creating a New Standard for Addiction Treatment Outcomes (August 2014).

Monitoring of those in recovery serves a two purposes: measuring symptom improvement and providing support to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

The Soberlink System gives Arrowhead Lodge Recovery the opportunity to provide personalized, continuing care using modern, mobile technology. This new technology complements our personalized treatment approach. And, it provides clinicians with a tool to monitor recovery progress from anywhere, at any time. For the first time, we are able to stay interactive with patients and assist our patients in managing long-term recovery.

Importance of Clinical Monitoring

Soberlink is a lifestyle friendly technology to help monitor a person’s alcohol addiction in early recovery. Our automated web portal is designed to send daily test reminders to participants and alerts to case managers if there are signs of relapse.

Concurrent Recovery Monitoring (CRM)

McLellan and colleagues (2005) proposed an alternative model, concurrent recovery monitoring (CRM), to help clinicians pinpoint areas of impairment and newly arising issues on an ongoing basis throughout treatment. In CRM, clinicians would monitor substance abuse, personal health, social function, and behaviors that constitute threats to public health and safety at regular intervals during treatment (McLellan et al., 2005).

New Paradigm for Recovery Report March 2014

The New Paradigm for Recovery regarding addiction treatment was described in a 2013 report by the Institute for Behavior and Health. It was simple: Making sustained recovery the expected outcome of addiction treatment.

For low-risk patients, rather than entering an expensive and complex program of recovery support, the most practical approach is to find elements of the New Paradigm that are affordable and easily implemented based on individual need.

The New Paradigm means an accountable system of aftercare management. Leaving recovery decisions to the addicted person means (for many), abandoning that person to the power of the addicted brain. In contrast, active care management helps individuals abstain from substance use by holding them accountable for their decisions, thus keeping them on the path toward recovery. This system of care management must be prolonged precisely because the risk to relapse is life-long.

The New Paradigm specifically responds to the needs of people who are not deterred from use by simpler interventions or who have not successfully engaged in recovery mutual aid support. The New Paradigm is best for people who have failed at treatment, for those who may not succeed in 12 – step mutual aid recovery support, for those whose substance use has disrupted their lives; and for people whose lives, including their jobs, require a guarantee of abstinence.

The strategies of the New Paradigm are flexible and also can help individuals at lower risk of relapse. The concepts of the New Paradigm can be used universally to shift the balance of decision-making toward lasting recovery and away from relapse.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Opens Sandia House Recovery Living
Sandia House Sober Living Residence for Men Over 3o

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery rehab for men recently opened Sandia House, a recovery residence exclusively for men over the age of 30. The sober living residence is available to any man over the age of 30 who has successfully completed an inpatient or residential treatment program. And who wants to step down in the level of care before returning home.

“We have, for some time, realized the need for our clients to ‘step-down’ from residential care to embark on the next stage of their recovery,” said Dr. Kenneth Chance, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery CEO/Founder. “The next logical thought was: ‘If Arrowhead Lodge needs a step-down solution for older men, then don’t other facilities need the same thing?'”

To live in the Sandia House an individual must commit to a program of recovery that includes:

  • IOP or outpatient counseling as recommended by the referring facility.
  • Clinical care – counseling, psychiatric and other services
  • Addiction medicine care
  • Monitoring with SoberLink for alcoholics and random UA’s for addicts,
  • Active 12-Step participation and sponsor work.
  • A requirement that each guest must be working or volunteering in the local Prescott community.

“My wife, Robyn, and I want to provide a safe option for older men who really want recovery, and the typical sober living environment is simply not appropriate for these men,” continues Chance. “Sandia House provides older men with safe, supportive housing for those who are not quite ready to return home – for whatever reason.”

How to Get Help for Alcoholism

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Boomer Men's Rehab, Prescott AZArrowhead Lodge Recovery is a gender specific rehab for men, ages 30 and older; located in the beautiful mountains of Prescott, Arizona. We provide addiction and depression treatment for men who suffer from alcoholism; as well as treating co-occurring disorders.

We use a multi-disciplinary addiction treatment approach implemented by licensed professionals. The Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Staff includes a Physician-Addictionologist, Addiction Psychiatrist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Registered Nurse, several Licensed Therapists, and an addiction Nutritionist.

Mindfulness training, healthy exercise, nutritional counseling and educationcognitive behavioral therapy and psychoeducation are a part of our treatment program. We have chosen to keep our facility small and staff to client ratio large. Each client receives individual therapy and counseling; as well as group therapy and counseling.

Chronic Alcoholism Treatment Program

Arrowhead-Lodge-Recovery,Men's Rehab Group Therapy, Prescott AZThe experienced and accredited Arrowhead Lodge Recovery staff allows us to help men with chronic alcoholism for whom previous treatment attempts may have failed.

We assist our clients in finding their personal connection to the spiritual. Through years of experience, we believe in the power of spirituality in the addiction healing process. We assist our clients in discovering their unique path to living a more authentic and joyful life. See our article on Mindfulness Meditation – The 10th Step.

Alcoholism Recovery Journey to Wholeness and Healing

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, Mens Rehab, Thumb Butte Trail

At our mountain retreat facility near Prescott, Arizona – men find and strengthen inner peace, and experience tranquility.

We equip our clients with the depth and stability to handle all the curves and disappointments – as well as joys – in their regular daily lives once they leave Arrowhead Lodge Recovery.

Start your journey to alcohol recovery by contacting Arrowhead Lodge Recovery.

Your confidentiality is assured when you contact us.

Speak personally and privately with Executive Director Dr. Kenneth Chance at (888) 654-2800.