Spirituality is Simple

zen3Unfortunately many people have become so materially obsessed they are unaware of what ‘spirituality’ truly is. In an effort to understand it these individuals spend large amounts of money on books, workshops, retreats and lectures about spirituality in an effort to “become spiritual”. Something so simple and natural cannot be purchased – it exists in all nature and is part of who and what we are. So why spend money to get something one already has?

Spirituality is Nature

Spirituality is not to be confused with religion, the supernatural, or deity for that matter. Spirituality is nature, not mere nature as in “Mother Nature” but the natural essence of all creation. All that is, all that can be seen, and more, is spiritual at its core.

calm-lakeIt’s All Spiritual

On the very last track of Pink Floyd’s epic album, “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Eclipse” one can hear the following : “There is no dark side of the moon, really, it’s all dark…” Regarding spirituality, one could say: “There is no spiritual side of life, really, it’s all spiritual…” One can also say: “One cannot become more spiritual – spiritual is what we are. We can simply become more aware of this truth.”

Human Beings as Spiritual Beings

Human beings are creations of magnificent proportions. We have the ability to do what no other creation on planet earth can do. We can rationalize and we can over-complicate the most simple of concepts. And when it comes to spirituality we tend to make it mysterious, understood by only a few select spiritual masters. The reality is that humans are spiritual beings and we have simply forgotten our true essence and therefore have come to believe spirit as a complete mystery. I prefer to describe spirituality as nature, or natural, if you please. By doing so it seems to lessen the mystery. If one thinks of nature, one sees things as they are, without any modifications, enhancements or embellishment. Perhaps that is why we are so captivated with a sunrise, a sunset, a mountain view, a beach, flowers, trees, animals, gemstones and more. That which we see in nature is so simple and pure and beautiful – naturally. Perhaps the reason we connect with nature is because our spiritual essence communicates with the essential presence of nature. In other words, our naturalness is inherent in nature and that makes us feel connected. Spirit is natural and we are one with nature.

Healing Effects of Nature and Mindfulness

So rather than purchasing another book about spirituality, or paying for another lecture or retreat or workshop, I recommend you go outdoors and find a place to sit down, be still and do absolutely nothing. Close you eyes and breathe and as you do so, sense the earth, the air, the sound of the wind, the song of the birds and all that surrounds you. Allow yourself to relax and for three minutes let everything that has occupied your busy mind for the past several days, hours, minutes wait while you pause and connect. Continue to breathe, slowly and deeply, from the belly. Breathe slower and slower until you feel calm and relaxed. Once

Spirituality is Simple – and Free

There, you will experience your inner spiritual essence. (You may take longer than three minutes. It’s simply a starting place.) The more one is quiet, the more one breathes deeply and slowly and the more one quiets the busy mind and focuses on the breath, the more one experiences spirit. It costs nothing but your time. So rather than spend time researching spirituality, use that same time to experience it for free by practicing the above exercise.


We humans have enough complexity in our lives without having to make the simplest aspect of life complex. We are spiritual beings who live in a spiritual universe, yet we have lost touch with our spirit. Rather than seek spirituality in material things, one may find that by simply getting in touch with nature through deep breathing and concentration that one is able to get in touch with their natural/spiritual self. Isn’t it nice to know that spirituality can be experienced by anyone, anytime and any place – for free?