Tips for a Safe and Sober Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend – High Traffic Travel

Arrowhead Lodge recovery, Labor Day Safety tipsLabor Day marks the end of the summer holiday travel season, and for many people it’s the last chance to make a three-day weekend getaway.

Both roads and airports see a significant bump in traffic at this time, though the impact can vary from year to year according to weather, gas prices and whether school starts in a certain region before of after the holiday.

Airlines for America predicts that 15.6 million passengers will fly on U.S. airlines this Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day weekend is also one of the busiest weekends on the road. For safety and stress-free traveling, planning ahead and being well prepared are essential.

Tips for Safe Labor Day Travel, Driving or Flying

  1. Leave early.
  2. Expect delays and plan accordingly.
  3. If traveling by car, have the car checked by a mechanic before starting your trip.
  4. If traveling by air, check the airport and airline status before leaving your house.
  5. The FAA maintains a flight delay website with current updates:
  6. Do not drive and drive. Not only is it dangerous to self and others, highway patrols will be actively enforcing ‘no refusal’ alcohol tests.
  7. Do not drink and fly. Aside from disturbing other passengers, you could be arrested for obnoxious or threatening behavior.
  8. Eat healthy.
  9. Try not to over-indulge in food or drink.
  10. Have fun – sober! Enjoy family, friends, travel or catching up on household DIY.

Tips for a Sober Labor Day

  1. Arrowhead Lodge recovery, Happy Labor DayChoose ‘safe’ celebrations. If you know your good buddy throws a drinking party, avoid it.
  2. Know Thyself. Everyone has triggers. Know if advance what your triggers are, and be mindful.
  3. Keep discussions light and positive. Try to avoid friends and relatives who are manipulative and negative.
  4. Take a sober buddy to gatherings, if possible. You can be support for each other.
  5. No need to ‘prove’ your sobriety. Continue to avoid triggers and heavy drinking or drugging buddies.
  6. Plan your own party. Invite supportive and positive friends and relatives and have a great time – sober!

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