What to do with an alcoholic mother or father

Many of the calls for help that we receive come from adult children of alcoholics. It is never too late, even for an elderly parent to get help from recovery.  Everyone that commits to Arrowhead Lodge Recovery changes. They change in subtle ways and they change in miraculous ways. Everyone leaves this experience fundamentally different. Our clients come to us suffering many different levels of addiction.  For some, their alcoholic drinking began in adolescence, others began drinking after retirement, death of a spouse, and after relocation or downsizing for retirement living. Many of our clients suffer substance use disorder related to drug addiction, which has spiraled out of control, often times as the result of prescription medications.

As we age and enter a time of reflection many of us are faced with disillusionment, regrets, feelings related to missed opportunities and a general feeling of no longer having any importance in the world. At Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, we involve our clients in a minimum of 20 hours of group work in sessions with less than 8 people, all of our therapy work is facilitated by a Masters level clinician. This is in addition to the experiential work that is done here. Our clients receive a minimum of 2 one-on-one individual sessions with a Masters level therapist weekly. We use all evidenced based theories in our clinical work, including Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory. We teach our clients skills to help re-build relationships affected by the disease of addiction. We help our clients and their families work together to re-establish healthy communication and boundaries. We are proud of the work we do at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, and of the women and men who come through our program.