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Addiction Treatment Program

Adult men who suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addiction have problems that require a solution that addresses male issues related to their addiction and the underlying co-occurring disorder(s). Our program is built from the ground up to address core male issues so that our clients may enjoy a life of fulfillment and joy.

Arrowhead Lodge’s primary curriculum is based on “Helping Men Recover” (HMR) a groundbreaking workbook designed specifically for men in recovery. It is a methodical approach to guide men through recovery while addressing issues such as:

  • “Man Rules” – the rules and roles men assume in our society
  • Family
  • Spirituality
  • Sexuality

“Helping Men Recover” (Covington, Griffin, and Dauer; Jossey-Bass 2011) is the first gender-responsive and trauma-informed curriculum for men who have alcohol and other drug addictions.

Here are some of the benefits observed from the HMR program:

  • The men are engaged, challenged, and stimulated by the materials and the therapeutic approach. Group dynamics and participation are more robust.
  • They are less adversarial and more prone toward a collaborative approach.
  • They are kinder and more generous with peers yet hold each other highly accountable for attendance, participation, abstinence, and other basic program expectations.
  • There is a sense of true safety in the group and they are more willing to talk about trauma, violence, and abuse, both experienced and perpetrated.
  • The men are less likely to see themselves as damaged beyond repair, and more capable of working through feelings of shame, fear, anger, grief, and hopelessness.
  • They are more willing to address mental health issues, particularly post-traumatic stress disorders. We have seen a threefold increase in referrals to on-site psychological services.
  • There are fewer power struggles, and less posturing or aggressive behaviors.
  • New members are welcomed and integrated into the group quickly. Senior peers demonstrate a genuine sense of ownership.

We supplement HMR with evidence-based material from The Matrix, Pia Mellody’s trauma and family model, anger and stress management, Gorsky’s relapse prevention model and more

Whether you, or your loved one, suffer from multiple addictions or one, our licensed clinical team is here to help. We treat:

Our program is based upon the disease concept of addiction with the solution being found in the twelve steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous and evidence based clinical practices. We also believe that addiction is a family disease, and that while not everyone in the family is an addict, they all live with one and therefore all suffer from the disease. At Arrowhead Lodge we include the family in the treatment process through our four-day Family Week Program.

Elements of our program include:

Whether this is your first attempt at recovery, or otherwise, you can be assured that your treatment at Arrowhead Lodge will address each of your issues in a compassionate, discrete and professional manner. Our goal is your optimum health and a discovery of your authentic self.


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