Family Week

Family Week Workshop

What happens to the family when the addict goes to treatment?

What should the spouse, or other family member(s) expect after their loved one completes treatment?

How does the family move forward in a healthy manner?

Our Family Week program is designed to answer these questions and more. This three-day workshop is a beginning step in the life-long journey of recovery. Its purpose is to help the addict and his family stop the viscous cycle of addiction and enablement once and for all.

Once the addict goes to treatment, the immediate family members may breathe a collective sigh of relief; however, often things at home aren’t as nice as one might expect. Why is that?

Addiction is a family disease. Normally one person is the identified patient, but the truth is that everyone plays a role in the addictive process. For this reason we include an educational and therapeutic family workshop as part of our program to help the family stop the cycle of harmful behavior that fuels addiction.

Many family members and clients tell us that our family program is the difference-maker in the recovery process. Not only does healing occur, but a new way to communicate with one another emerges as well. It is an opportunity for all to listen to one another, perhaps for the first time, in a safe and respectful setting.


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