Men’s Alcholism

Men’s Alcoholism Treatment

If you have problems controlling your drinking, you may currently, or soon, be an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease according to the American Medical Association. It is treatable, though currently not curable.

People with alcoholism:

  • Make attempts to control their drinking.
  • Are preoccupied throughout the day and/or week about drinking alcohol.
  • Continue using alcohol despite problems it causes in their lives.
    • Legal
    • Family
    • Work
    • Financial
  • Have to drink more to get the same effect
  • Have withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking
    • Sweats
    • Shakes
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • High blood pressure
  • Cannot control how much or how long they drink.

Not everyone with the disease of alcoholism is a daily drinker. Some alcoholics are periodic or binge drinkers – once they start, they cannot stop drinking until they pass out. Once stopped, they can abstain from drinking for a period of time, often to show others they are not alcoholic.

If you, or someone you love, has attempted to stop on their own unsuccessfully, your, or they, most likely have a drinking problem and will require help to stop for good.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

Signs and symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Unable to limit how much alcohol is consumed in one setting
  • An urge to drink
  • Becoming more tolerant of the effect of alcohol and therefore need more
  • Drinking alone and/or in hiding
  • Physical symptoms after stopping: nausea, sweating and shaking
  • Being in a “black out” – you/they cannot remember what happened or what they said while drunk
  • Ritualistic drinking (always at the same time, same place – a routine)
  • Becoming annoyed when asked about your/their drinking
  • Becoming irritable when your normal drinking time is close and alcohol is not available
  • Hiding alcohol in places around the house, office, car, so that others don’t realize how much you/they drink
  • Chugging, ordering doubles
  • Needing to drink to feel normal
  • Legal problems, relationship problems, employment problems, financial problems
  • Loss of interest in things that used to be fun and bring you pleasure.

Am I an alcoholic?

No one can answer that question for you, although many may want to. If you are asking that question of yourself, then you most likely have a problem with drinking. Here are some questions:

  • Do you ever have more than 4 drinks a day?
  • Do you need a drink to get going in the morning?
  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed of your behavior while drinking?
  • Do you get drunk at the wrong time?
  • Do you regret things that you said while intoxicated?
  • Are you annoyed when others question you about your drinking?

Should you call us?

If you, or someone you love, is drinking more than you/they believe you/they should, then call us to talk about it. Our men’s alcoholism treatment admissions counselors are available to answer your questions about alcoholism.

You may also want to look up Alcoholics Anonymous on the Internet for more information regarding alcoholism.

If someone close to you is saying your drinking is affecting them negatively, a confidential call to us to discuss it may be in order.


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