Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

A vital part of the addiction recovery and healing process at our drug rehab for men  is an accurate diagnosis of a possible co-morbid mental health condition. This may be anything from a mood disorder (depression, anxiety, bi-polar and others) to a personality disorder (anti-social, borderline, narcissistic and others) as well as PTSD, unresolved trauma, loss, grief and more.

We are one of the few treatment centers with a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology. What this means to you is that you receive a thorough initial assessments with follow up consultations as appropriate. We have helped many men get the psychological help they need through the psychological assessment. Some of our clients were misdiagnosed, which meant they still suffered from the mental disorder, which often resulted in self-medication and/or self-harming behaviors.

Getting the right diagnosis is critical in helping clients at our drug rehab for men in Arizona recover and living rich and fulfilled lives.


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