Trauma Therapy

Individual and group trauma therapy

Trauma therapy is a highly specialized competency. Some areas of specialty include:

  • CTT – Certified Trauma Therapist
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • SEP – Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

For clients who suffer from trauma, Arrowhead Lodge offers group and individual counseling by a licensed clinical social worker that is certified and trained in the above specialties. This means our clients receive expert treatment for trauma by competent professionals.

Why a Trauma Specialist and Why is it Important to YOU?

To effectively treat a client who suffers from trauma, be it physical, emotional or both, Arrowhead Lodge employs a trauma therapist. Our assessments screen for trauma and those who are diagnosed with it are treated accordingly as part of their overall treatment.

You may rest assured that your diagnosis and behavioral and mental health counseling is done by a licensed professional when you are at Arrowhead Lodge.


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