Our Philosophy

Our Recovery Philosophy

Our recovery model is time-tested and addresses the whole man.

Millions have recovered from the disease of addiction through the spiritual principles of the twelve-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This is the cornerstone of recovery for our residents and their families, and is practiced at Arrowhead Lodge. But lasting recovery requires more then twelve-step work – one must address the underlying issues for which addicts self-medicate.

At our addiction treatment center in Arizona we help our clients discover the underlying psychological issues that affect how they feel and how they view themselves and the world around them. This includes trauma and grief work, family of origin matters, anger and stress management, mindfulness and meditation, diet and exercise and getting back in touch with nature.

We believe that the best setting in which to do this work is gender and age appropriate. A male only program, like Arrowhead Lodge, works best in treating both the addiction and the underlying co-occurring disorders because our men are not trying to impress female clients, which means they drop their guard and focus on the real issues.

Here is what SAMHSA (US Department of Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has to say about addiction treatment for men:

“Men in America today may have advantages that women lack. However, in spite of these advantages, men die at a younger age on average than women; men are also more likely than women to have a substance use disorder, to be incarcerated, to be homeless as adults, to die of suicide, and to be victims of violent crime. Conversely, men are less likely than women to seek medical help or behavioral health counseling for any of the problems they face. These significant problems, combined with men’s tendency to avoid addressing them, call for a response from behavioral health treatment providers.”

Arrowhead Lodge is a thought-leader in treating men’s addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our addiction treatment program in Arizona is a male-based, trauma informed program (see our Program page) that focuses on core male issues related to recovery.

In our experience in treating men, we discovered that an age-appropriate group works better than having 18 year olds mixed with 40 year olds. Life issues are different as is the motivation for treatment. Young adults are typically motivated to attend treatment by parents who threaten to cut off the money supply and/or to avoid going to jail. Whereas adult men typically are self-motivated to change in order to answer some very specific questions, such as:

  • Who am I – really?
  • Why is it that I can succeed at all areas of my life but this one (addiction)?
  • How did things get this way?
  • Despite my education and accomplishments, life feels empty. Why?
  • I don’t want to lose my family. How can I change to regain what I’ve lost?

Adult men have more life experiences and therefore require treatment solutions that address their specific needs. Arrowhead Lodge offers those solutions for these men.

Each addiction treatment plan considers:

  • Your presenting problem;
  • Your medical, behavioral health and substance abuse history;
  • Your family background;
  • Your professional, corporate and/or legal problems;
  • Your life healing and recovery goals.

90 Days – Typical Stay

Studies confirm that the longer the rehab stay, the longer individuals stay in recovery. The typical length of stay at Arrowhead Lodge is 90 days. There is no hard and fast rule applied to the length of stay; it is completely determined by an individual’s needs and their willingness to do the work required to stay sober. Some stay longer and some stay for less time, depending upon their treatment plan and available time.

If what you read so far makes sense to you, then give us a call now to see how Arrowhead Lodge can help you or your loved one recover from the disease of addiction and enjoy life once again!


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