Outdoors Experiential Therapy

Outdoors Experiential Therapy

Arrowhead Lodge is located in one of the most scenic areas of North America. We are situated at 6,200 feet above sea level in the Prescott National Forest. This situates us in an ideal location for experiential therapy at our men’s rehab center. There are many local trails for simple to complex hiking. Within a few minutes drive one is in a mountain forest, large boulders, a mountain lake and within two hours one can be at the Grand Canyon.

Northern Arizona is far from the desert terrain one normally associates with Arizona. It is more like being in Colorado or Utah than in the desert. Our temperatures are normally about 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix. We enjoy four distinct seasons in Prescott.

There is a lot of benefit in being outdoors. We offer outdoor experiential therapy because it is a time to unplug and let nature do the healing. Our founder believes that sitting on rocks does a lot to restore one’s soul. And there are many places in Prescott in which to avail oneself of the opportunity of solitude in the forest.

Come let nature restore your soul.


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