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Drug Addiction Treatment for Men

When one thinks about drug addiction, they typically conjure up an image of a dark place, where an emaciated person has jammed a needle in their arm. Although many drug addicts find themselves in “crack houses”, or worse, the fact is that most types of drug addiction may be found in the nicest of homes in exclusive neighborhoods.

When one is dependent upon a drug, one is addicted to that drug. This includes prescribed medications as well as illegal drugs. At our Arizona men’s addiction treatment facility we are seeing that the use of prescription pain-killers is rising at an alarming rate, and it affects those who would never consider themselves a drug addict. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, executives, politicians, athletes, mechanics,  law enforcement officers, sale reps, ministers, therapists, engineers are developing addictions. It matters not who you are, what you do for a living, or how affluent you are. If you are taking prescription painkillers more frequently than prescribed, and have tried to quit on your own, you are probably addicted.

What constitutes an addiction to a drug?

  • You want more. No matter what, you want more.
  • You have intense cravings.
  • You take more than prescribed, if it’s a prescription drug.
  • You see more than one doctor in order to have enough.
  • Being obsessed with having a supply at all times.
  • You lie to your doctor(s) about your pain levels.
  • You lie to your loved ones when asked about how much you use.
  • You increase the amount and frequency in order to get as high as you did when you first started.
  • When you try to quit you get sick. (Nausea, diarrhea, muscle and joint aches, temperature fluctuations, headaches.)
  • When you don’t have the drug when you need it you get irritable, nervous and anxious.

These are some of the signs of addiction. There are many more.

Some of the consequences of drug addiction include:

  • Financial problems.
  • Troubled relationships.
  • Poor and erratic performance at work.
  • Tardiness and absences from work that lead to disciplinary actions and even the loss of a job.
  • Legal problems.
  • Mental health problems.

Recognizing signs of drug use and dependence

Some of the signs of drug dependence are included above. Perhaps the biggest sign is getting physically sick when you stop using.

But how does one tell if a loved one is using?

  • Look for unexplained changes in:
    • Mood – great one minute and horrendous the next
    • Behavior – isolation, lying, partying, criminal
    • Bedtime and wake up time
    • Excessive sleepiness
    • Excessive energy
    • Appetite
    • Impulsivity
    • Sex drive – way high and/or way low
  • Has their dress and grooming become more sloppy, dirty?
  • Have they lost interest in social activities that they used to enjoy?
  • Have they changed friends?
  • Are they having financial problems?
  • Are they always asking for money?

Tests and diagnosis

Diagnosing drug addiction is best left to the professionals. It may start with the family doctor, a psychiatrist, or a licensed therapist. There are some self-help websites that offer screening tools for a self-assessment. Visit WebMD or The Mayo Clinic for starters.

Drug screen tests may be purchased at a drug store as well as on-line. These are typically reliable as an instant detection of whether or not someone is using; however, they are not definitive lab tests. For a complete lab test, look up a local drug testing company in your town.

Arrowhead Lodge offers addiction treatment for all types of drug addiction. Whether it’s a street drug or prescription medication, our addictionologists will work with you to provide a safe taper off the drug while our team of therapists work with you to help re-train your mind to prevent a relapse. It’s one thing to get off the drug, it’s quite another thing to change how your brain processes addictive behavior.

Our 90-day program is designed to help you:

  • Safely get off the drug.
  • Change the cognitive pattern of addiction in the brain.
  • Uncover deeply embedded trauma that may be fueling the need to self-medicate.
  • Regain your sense of wellbeing and self-respect.
  • Live life as a happy human being free from addiction.

Call us today for any questions about our Arizona drug addiction treatment for men here or for an initial consultation at 866-540-4742. Let our professionals help you regain your life!


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