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How Insurance Works

Part I – An Overview Health insurance companies are in business to make money. Reread that sentence three times, until it really sinks in. You, the insured person, are necessary only to pay into the company your monthly premium. They, the owner of the policy, and now your premium, have only one obligation: To pay […]

A Cure for Alcoholism

Introduction An alcohol treatment program advertises they have a cure for alcoholism. If it were only that simple! Unfortunately alcoholism is a disease for which no known cure exists today. This is not exclusive to alcoholism: there is no cure for the common cold or for hypertension. There are only ways to treat the diseases. […]

Spirituality: Simple Yet Elusive for Most

Spirituality is Simple Unfortunately many people have become so materially obsessed they are unaware of what ‘spirituality’ truly is. In an effort to understand it these individuals spend large amounts of money on books, workshops, retreats and lectures about spirituality in an effort to “become spiritual”. Something so simple and natural cannot be purchased – […]

Bucket Brain: The Power of a Mental Obsession

The Addict Brain as Muddy Water Metaphor Notice a river after a storm. It’s water is muddy resembling chocolate milk. Miles of storm induced agitation has stirred up layers of sediment from the bottom of the river; as well as introduced new filth from rain cleansed ground that border the river banks. The combination of new filth and […]

Why Gender Specific Addiction Recovery?

Rehab for Men – Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Successful treatment of chemical dependency (alcoholism and drug addiction) requires that the individual not only be free from the substance and practice abstinence – the addict must eliminate thought processes that accompany the addiction. Arrowhead Lodge Recovery in Prescott, AZ provides gender specific addiction treatment for baby boomers […]

Resolving Core Issues in Addiction Recovery

Successful recovery from any addiction requires discovery – and resolution – of the Core Issues that are the drivers for relapse. Core issues are the ‘drivers’ that keep individuals locked in addictive behavior patterns and ways of thinking. Today, we will look at the first core issue, as described in an excellent document by Friends […]

Importance of Spirituality in Recovery from Addiction

Recovery from addiction is more than abstinence from a substance. It is a lifestyle that incorporates all aspects of one’s life – body, mind and spirit, or, one’s physiological, mental and spiritual condition. But what exactly do we mean when we use the word “spirituality” in recovery? Does “spirituality” mean that recovery is a religious […]

Substance Abuse and Anger

Addicts and Anger – A Dangerous Combination Everyone experiences anger from time-to-time, but in the alcoholic or drug addict – anger becomes a toxic emotion that often leads to acts of violence either to oneself, or toward another person. While anger is often a secondary response to traumatic memories, conflict and stress – things common […]

Mindfulness in Addiction Treatment

Mindfulness Meditation: Addiction Rehab and Recovery Tool Mindfulness Meditation in addiction treatment is more than just a good idea. As more individuals and corporations are beginning to practice mindfulness meditation – the question of meditation effectiveness is important. A Harvard study on mindfulness completed in 2011, Eight Weeks to a Better Brain, is now getting […]
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